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BYJU’S Reviews by Parents

Parents understand that it’s ok to put their kids in charge of their learning. That is the only way they learn how to manage their time and attention.

Kids are usually excited and curious about the idea of online learning, but it is the parents who decide and pay for BYJU’s.

The BYJU’S target audience here comprises two different segments; on the one side are the millennials or Gen-Z (the students) and on the other side are the ones that make the “purchase decision” the parents.

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What is That Parents Want and What Drives Them

Wary of how glued kids are to their gadgets these days, most parents are happy to explore avenues to use digital platforms constructively.  They want to provide their kids the best they can afford. 

After carefully reading and understanding the online reviews about BYJU’S, this is what we found!

Takeaways from BYJU’S Parent Reviews!

Parents Need Help to Teach Their Kids:

For most parents teaching their kids can be quite overwhelming due to many factors:

Lack of Education: Uneducated or moderately-educated parents find it very difficult to help their wards with afterschool learning, which is why they would opt for either tuition classes or coaching classes as they are more popularly referred to.  BYJU’S is a more convenient, affordable and efficient replacement. Many such parents feel BYJU’s The Learning App is of great help.

No Time: For educated and working parents, it is the constant juggle between professional and personal life with no time left for teaching their kids themselves. These parents feel that the BYJU’S app is doing a splendid job in helping their kids learn after school.

The Bonding: Sumathi, a high-school teacher herself, explains that although she has been teaching for 4 years, she still loses her calm while teaching her grade 6 son. The bond that the parent and the child share evoke a lot of emotions and cause stress. Sumathi says she reviewed the app and found it to be quite interesting, and since then her son uses the learning app.

Confusing Curriculum: Some parents do have the time, education and maybe the temperament required to teach their kids. However, the curriculum and the way things are explained in the textbook can let them down. Usha Praveen Kumar, a parent, says, “I can’t figure out anything in my child’s math curriculum, but with the help of BYJU’S we too get to understand that this sum is done this way”.

That Extra Bit: Some kids excel in academics, and they do well in school, yet parents have opted for BYJU’S to assist their kids to do even better.

There are 2 Sides to a Coin and 2 Sides to Every Story.

It goes without saying it is the same for India’s EdTech decacorn BYJU’S.

It is gaining immense traction in India (64+ Million downloads) and abroad (1701+ Cities) and the best VC funds are lining up to invest.

However, BYJU’s has its share of detractors.  They point at aggressive sales tactics, media spends, and app being expensive for Indian parents, etc.

The Counterargument is Parents Want the Best, Not the Cheapest!

Education is one area in India where parents are willing to spend money to equip their children with the right tools for better outcomes. Parents are not looking for free ways to make their child successful.

They are looking for The Best Way!

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