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CAREERS AT BYJU’S Do you have a passion for education and technology? Do you love inventing, discovering, and learning on-the-go?

Then BYJU’S might have an opportunity for you!!! Join the Learning Tribe and be a “companion of learners” across the globe.

BYJU’S is one of the world’s most valuable and loved Ed-tech company. Their niche is creating personalized learning journeys for every type of learner by leveraging technology to unite active learning practices like quizzes, videos, and engaging learning content with the best teachers.



Academics and Content – If you have a knack to develop exceptional content through progressive pedagogy, this is the team for you. Explore various career opportunities such as creative content writer, content developer, content editor, and more.

Media – Do you have what it takes to create astonishing graphics and films that can help revolutionize learning? Then be a part of the BYJU’S Media team and let your creativity run wild!!  Roles like production artist, editor, digital artist, storyboard artist, media VFX, 2D animator, motion graphic artist, etc.

Tech – If you are a talented software engineer, the tech team at BYJU’S can be your calling. You will have an opportunity to work in a fast-paced environment where you can use your talents to build platforms and services that can reshape the education industry.

Business Development Associate – It is the team of go-getters!! Your role will be to spread the BYJU’S way of learning in your city. As a BDA, you get to grow, promote, and position BYJU’S as a global leader.

Brand Marketing and Communications – Do you have what it takes to make seamless strategies and take the revolutionary learning app to the masses? Prove your mettle in the branding and communications team of BYJU’S.

Finance – Are you good at crunching numbers? Then take the challenge and be accountable for BYJU’S growth as a part of the BYJU’S Finance team.

Human Resources – As a part of the BYJU’S HR team, you are responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, and training those who aspire to be a part of the learning tribe. You are also responsible for preventing “bad hires” and ensuring the candidates that you hire are the “right fit.”  You also get to administer the employee‑benefit programs and put the human back in ‘HR.’

Digital Marketing – Are you SMS (social-media-savvy)? Can you execute creative campaigns that can drive positive brand associations and enhance the brand image? BYJU’S digital marketing team is the right fit for you.

Operations – In an exponentially growing company like BYJU’s, operations have to be efficient, effective, and seamless.  As a key player in the BYJU’S management team, you will be involved in streamlining operations, improving performance, designing, and implementing operational strategy.

Mentoring – Are you good at counseling or perhaps giving academic guidance to the students in need? Be a BYJU’S mentor and help millions of students clear their doubts, track their progress, and make them fall in love with learning.

Customer Support – Be the troubleshooter for BYJU’S.  Assist students and parents in resolving any technical issues that they might have with  BYJU’s tablet, The Learning App, course modules, etc. Join the customer support team at BYJU’S and help learners get the most out of the BYJU’S The Learning App.

Get on board with the fastest-growing EdTech company in the world.  Make the best career decision ever.

Join the Learning Tribe,
Time to Grow and Thrive

Disclaimer: The positions/career opportunities mentioned in this article are for information purposes only.

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