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How Byju’s helped a Rural Student?

Students and educators in rural schools view technology as a scarce and sacred resource, one that they are highly grateful for.

Meeta Singh wanted to be a teacher. She loved going to school, despite the odds not being in her favor. Being a girl, her parents showed little interest in her studies. But this passionate 12th grader walked 4 km every day to reach the Chaunta Higher Secondary School, just like many others in her village and a dozen more.

Meeta was resourceful as she was clever. Knowing very well her father, a shop owner in the village, would not invest heavily in her studies, she borrowed books from her seniors and demanded nothing much from her home, yet she always stood first in class.

In 12th grade, however, the syllabus was updated, and the books she borrowed were of little use. She requested her father to buy her a set of textbooks. After several requests, he finally agreed. But in a region where the closest hospital is 5+ kilometers away, finding a bookstore is a wild goose chase, unless you travel to a distant town, which was a day’s journey away. She boarded a bus with her mother and traveled to the town in search of the textbooks, but no avail.

A good book is the best of friends, the same today and forever!

Martin Topper.

Meeta was a month too late as all the textbooks were out of stock. They had to return home empty-handed.

Meeta had no idea her wish was about to come true in a way she never imagined.

Indian girls in school

The Stranger at the Door

A sharply dressed stranger walked up to Meeta’s Dad at his shop and told him he was selling a one‑of‑a‑kind device, which will help kids’ study. Meeta’s Dad showed little interest in the beginning.

The man pulled out a box from his bag, and said, “Sir, I am from BYJU’S, and this is a BYJU’S learning tablet. It is like a mobile phone, except it can be used for studies. Do you have any school going kids at home?”

Meeta’s Dad said, “Unless you have all the 12th grade textbooks in your bag you are of no use to me.” The man explained how the tablet was something better than a textbook. They went to the house and the man demonstrated how the device works.

Meeta was delighted to see all her lessons loaded and illustrated with videos, 3D objects, and animations. The man convinced Meeta’s dad to buy a one-year subscription with an offer of paying it in small installments. A week later a special courier reached the house, and Meeta was the one to receive it. She opened the package and found a brand new BYJU’S tablet. It was all she asked for and more as the tablet also became her private tutor. It boosted her exam preparation and helped Meeta top her school again in the final exams.

Technology will never replace great teachers but technology in the hands of a great teacher can be transformational

George Couros

Meeta is now a first-year graduate at a college in Ludhiana. Her results in 12th grade helped her secure a scholarship to study further. After graduating she wants to build a school in her own village to help many girls like her to fulfill their dream. She wants to make education more accessible in rural India.

This is one of many instances where technology has helped make dreams a reality. EdTech’s provide a level playing field for students across India and beyond. Learning platforms like BYJU’S are reaching out to rural India and creating new opportunities by helping rural students overcome many learning barriers.

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