How does the BYJU’S Learning App Work?

The story of Byju Raveendran and his team is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and startups.

The idea behind the app that makes millions fall in love with learning

What started as a traditional brick and mortar classroom transformed into one of the largest EdTech companies in the world, the story of Byju Raveendran and his team is an inspiration to entrepreneurs and startups.

BYJU’S – Redefining the Way School Children Learn

The biggest challenge in the EdTech industry is keeping the student engaged. The effectiveness of the learning content is directly proportional to user engagement.  In simple words, a better quality of learning content leads to better student engagement, and in turn, leads to positive learning outcomes.


To deliver the best learning content, BYJU’S had to create something different. And this is where BYJU’S came up with their very own content studio. They have in-house content, media, and technology teams that take care of everything from conceptualizing, storyboarding, composing music, designing the UI and UX, editing, uploading, and delivering the lessons to the students. They make use of videos, games, quizzes, and animations to create highly engaging learning content.

Delivering world-class learning content is at the core of what BYJU’S does. But to make it happen at a large scale with maximum efficiency, it requires a purpose-driven marketing team to convince both parents and students of the efficacy of BYJU’s The Learning App. This is where a BYJU’S BDA (Business Development Associate) comes into the picture. BDAs are individuals who are driven by the idea of helping children become lifelong learners.

BDAs connect with the parents and students in person and explain the features, benefits, and purpose of the app. If the end-users find it convincing, the BDA’s role is done, and the app takes over from here.

Behind the scenes of falling in love with learning

Using the BYJU’S learning app is very simple as it is geared towards delivering a holistic learning experience for the students. Which means the app takes care of everything from learning to revising and preparing to give the exams. For every instance, a student opens the app, he/she lands in their own personal dashboard that consists of learning materials based on the grade. It keeps track of the chapters the student has visited; the percentage of the lessons completed and suggests a revision plan. The app also takes into consideration if the student is preparing for a specific exam. It presents the student with quizzes, games, and a series of tests.

It doesn’t stop here. The app carefully analyses the student’s progress in real time. It gives a detailed report of the skills acquired, courses completed and the performance of the student.

There is no doubt that every student is unique, and education should not be offered in a one size fits all approach, which is why BYJU’S has standardized personal mentoring into all their learning programs.  The mentor guides the student every step of the way and suggests methods of improvement if needed.

To make kids fall in love with learning is not easy

Being the world’s leading EdTech is not an easy task as it comes with a unique set of challenges. For instance, in India alone students’ study under various educational boards like ICSE, CBSE, IGCSE, and NIOS (not to forget the examination boards of all the states). Adding to this challenge is the numerous languages of India. Quality content sells at a premium and hence not everyone can afford it. Given the backdrop of economic disparity in India, many do not have access to internet, uninterrupted electricity and smart devices.

 If BYJU’S is not able to tackle challenges like these, they will fail on their mission to democratize education.

As Byju Raveendran himself says, “the key is not in not making mistakes or failing, it is all about learning from your failures”. BYJU’S are well on their way to achieving their mission.

Recreating BYJU’S better than the original BYJU’S

  • Today BYJU’S is available in multiple vernacular languages, in both online and offline modes.
  • Their learning content is mapped to almost every syllabus in India. They have also ventured into foreign countries like the UAE.
  • They have special courses for competitive exams and public exams.
  • BYJU’S has a special learning app for kids studying in Kindergarten to class-3
  • They have an online tutoring platform.
  • BYJU’S has also taken up CSR initiatives like the BYJU’S Give Initiative and Education for all.

The think-tanks behind BYJU’S are always striving to improve and make a difference.

So, this has been a glimpse of how BYJU’S work. It takes a tremendous amount of time and a time-intensive process to reach where they are today. Share your views in the comment section.

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