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How EdTech Companies Can Help Children in Government Schools?

Imagine how much of an impact EdTech companies pitching in could make to children.

If the staff of the Mysore Central Railway Workshop and teachers at the Ashok Puram Railway Colony Government School can transform abandoned railway carriages into such beautiful classrooms, imagine how much of an impact EdTech companies pitching in could make to such children.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” Abandoned train carriages can be beautiful and functional classrooms. Seeing is believing! Just look at the pictures below.

Timeless clean perfume

This innovative school is the brainchild of the South Western Railways and the teachers at the Ashok Puram Railway Colony Government School. Together, they transformed two abandoned railway coaches into a unique school to facilitate a Nali Kali (Joyful Learning) Environment.

It is fully-equipped to teach up to 60 children and it has necessary amenities like two spacious classrooms, a meeting area, an activity/lunch area, and bio bathrooms. It is also refurbished with wall panels, lights, fans, and stairways. As a finishing touch, the coaches were re-painted in vibrant colors and colorful illustrations. It is designed to attract more kids towards attending the school.

What could an EdTech company like BYJU’s adopting a government school mean? Will they be able to make a greater impact?  The answer is definitely a big YES!

They could help:

  • Iron out the weaknesses and inefficiencies of the traditional methods of education.
  • Address the problem of shortage of quality teachers by using  pre-recorded classes to supplement teaching quality.
  • Provide unprecedented personalization and access to incredible content for adaptive learning.
  • Empowering teachers to get the best learning outcomes out of their students.
  • Create a level-playing field by providing them with the same access to quality content that children from expensive urban schools have.

EdTech companies could create an ecosystem where “no child is left behind”

BYJU’S Education for All is one such initiative that is committed to empowering children in remotest geographies of India, and children from underserved communities.

This initiative is aimed to strengthen the CSR efforts of corporate companies while leaving a positive impact on the lives of children. The mission of this initiative is to empower 5 million children from underserved communities by 2025. Corporates can join hands with BYJU’S to provide interactive well-researched content taught by passionate teachers and delivered via a portable device free of cost to chosen beneficiaries.

Magic Bus, United Way Chennai, Right to Live, Vahdam Teas, and American Indian Foundation are some of the organizations that have come together with BYJU’S on this mission. NGOs and schools can also be part of this initiative.

If you are an individual and want to help, consider donating to the BYJU’S Give Initiative. Every bit helps!!

One Child, One Teacher, One Pen, and One Book Can Change the World.

Such programs can leave a positive impact on both the schools and the neighborhood around them. If you are interested to know more about the BYJU’S Education for All initiative, click here. Education for All

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