Board Exams in India

How to Prepare for 10th and 12th Board Exams in India?

Check Most Effective Preparation Tips to Score More Marks in Exams

Board exams play a very vital role in determining a student’s future. The stakes are very high. 

BYJU’S-The Learning App can be all that a student needs to prepare for the board exams.

Along with producing world-class learning content, BYJU’S have decoded the art of exam preparation.

5 Features of BYJU’S-The Learning App that can help students prepare for 10th and 12th board exams.

prepare for the board exams

#1 Lesson Notes:

BYJU’S has a compilation of important notes from each subject and chapter.  The notes comprise of summaries, important questions, formulas and further reading suggestions.  These notes are very handy especially for quick revision right before the actual exams.

#2 Textbook Solutions:

BYJU’S textbook solutions are created by subject matter experts after a thorough research process. They are not just useful in providing solutions, but they are also useful in giving a new and easier approach to solve the questions. Students can acquire a conceptual understanding of each topic with the help of these detailed solutions.

#3 Previous Year Question Papers:

BYJU’S has a large database of previous year question papers along with solutions. Solving previous year question papers helps students simulate a real-time board exam. It will also help them get an idea about the exam pattern, types of questions asked, and weightage of the chapters. By solving question papers, students can also sharpen their time management skills.

#4 Sample Papers:

BYJU’S have curated a large set of sample papers from 2016 to the upcoming (2021) exams along with the solutions and the marking scheme as per the boards. The marking scheme helps students understand how marks are awarded to each answer based on the steps followed.

#5 Important Questions: BYJU’S offers a huge collection of systematically arranged important questions along with answers. The questions are intended to help students prepare for the board exams while giving in-depth knowledge of each concept.  These important questions introduce students to both “out-of-syllabus”, “tricky”, and frequently-appearing questions in the board exams.

Following are the links to all the above-mentioned resources listed as per the course/examination boards.

You can register on the BYJU’S website and/or download the BYJU’S learning app to access all these and more.

We wish the very best to all the students appearing for their board exams.  Don’t fret, you will just be fine.

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