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Is BYJU’S App Good For IIT/JEE?

This learning app along with the student’s self-study has helped many to perform better.

For many aspiring students in India, passing the JEE (Joint Entrance Exam) is the ticket to getting admission in some of the prestigious and best engineering colleges in the country, particularly the NITs, IITs, IISC, and state-funded technical institutes.

Given the competitive nature of the exam and the number of students giving the exam every year, it is common for students to opt for coaching or tuitions for JEE preparation.

With so many coaching classes, tuitions and learning programs to choose from, finding the right form of assistance is a challenge in itself. If you are looking for information on the best JEE coaching classes or BYJU’S JEE, in particular,

BYJU’S for JEE is an all-inclusive online learning program for JEE mains and advanced. It is offered in two formats:

BYJU’S Online Classes:

It is a 5-day-a-week learning program in which online classes will be conducted by some of the best JEE trainers in India. The classes are scheduled to ensure you finish the syllabus on time. It gives you a classroom like experience at your home.

BYJU’S Online Classes are ideal for students who are appearing for JEE for the first time. It gives an additional boost to your preparation with DPP (daily practice problems), practice sheets, live doubt solving, personalized mentoring, and performance-based extra classes. BYJU’S classes also gives you access to the BYJU’S learning app.

BYJU’S Learning App:

It is an in-depth JEE training program containing a rich combination of lessons and tests. The lessons are delivered in the form of engaging videos and the best part is you can study anywhere anytime.

This JEE program is ideal for students who wish to prepare on their own. It supplements your self-studies with comprehensive study materials and a complete performance analysis. Should you ever come across a doubt or when you need some assistance, you can make use of the discussion forum and the mentor assistance in the app.

The other key highlights of both the formats are as follows:

  • All India Test Series: A pan India online test that is designed to give you the same experience as the JEE right down to the look and feel. It helps you gauge your performance at a national level before appearing for the actual examination. The test is also backed by a detailed discussion and analysis to help you identify your gaps in exam preparation.
  • Unlimited Adaptive Practice: A series of chapter-wise tests that help you master each chapter. This feature prompts you to correct your mistakes during a practice session, thereby clearing most of your doubts on the spot.
  • Unlimited Revision: Revising and retaining the things you have learnt leads to better performance in JEE. The BYJU’S learning program allows you to revise as many times as you like to help you retain the lessons better.
  • More than Just a JEE Program: Unlike core JEE programs, BYJU’S lessons progresses from easy to medium to JEE level difficulty to help you prepare for JEE (mains & advance), school examination, and other competitive exams as well.

The BYJU’S website also comes in handy for your JEE preparations. It offers free JEE video lessons, latest exam updates and notifications, mains & advanced question papers, JEE study materials, HC Verma solutions, DC Pandey solutions, CSBE lesson notes, and more. To know more about the resources offered by BYJU’S, read this article. To know more about BYJU’S JEE visit

With a plethora of features and useful resources to offer, we can say that BYJU’S is a good choice for JEE preparations.

What do you feel is the best way to prepare for JEE? Let us know in the comment section.

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