Tips for Teaching Remotely During Covid-19

As schools across the world temporarily close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, educators are turning to remote learning[1] as a way to keep their students engaged.
Motivate your students

The status of online learning quickly changed from optional to essential during the global pandemic. However, it comes with a set of unique challenges and benefits

If you are a teacher/educational institute delivering online courses, consider the following tips to stay on top of your game.

Teaching Remotely During Covid-19

Use an online meeting platform.

The first task at hand is to create a two-way communication channel between you and your student/s. Applications such as Google Meet and Zoom can help you stay well connected and set up a virtual meeting place. It can avoid the out-of-sight and out-of-mind syndrome.

Motivate your students.

The next challenge is to motivate your students to attend the online classroom and complete the assignments.

  • Set achievable deadlines.
  • Give extra points for online discussions.
  • Help your students to stay engaged and seek the support of parents to make this work.
  • Encourage joyful challenges; intra-team and inter-team.
  • Build a channel for some fun and creative activities. Set up a virtual science fair, poetry competition, drawing competitions, singing, acting, or any other unique talents your students can showcase.
Motivate your students

Stay connected.

  • Connect with your students individually.
  • Give timely feedback and updates.
  • Specify your working hours so that students can know when to reach out to you.
  • If students are sick or cannot join a class due to an appointment, remind students to keep you informed. Do the same if you are unable to conduct a class.
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