Top 10 Reasons to Choose BYJU’s

Top 10 Reasons to Choose BYJU’s

Let’s ensure Learning Won’t Stop!

With engaging movie-like videos, personalized learning, your child can understand the toughest of Maths & Science Concepts

Fall in Love with learning- THE BYJU’S Way

personalized learning

Why Learn from BYJU’s

10. All the Learning in the World at Your Fingertips.  You get access to 50,000+ videos, tests, quizzes, games, interactive lessons, and much more.

9.Stop Memorising-Start Understanding” The movie-like videos help you visualize and understand each concept.  Once the concept is clearly understood, there is no fear of exams but a love for learning.

8.  Mapped to the Syllabus. Content and learning journey are mapped to your grade & syllabus (CBSE, ICSE, IB, State Boards, etc.)  You will stay in sync with what is happening in your regular classroom.   

7. Complete and In-Depth Analysis.  As you finish each module, you take a test and figure out where you stand.  Adaptive and interactive tests will help you master each chapter.  You get to know which concepts you are good at and concepts that need more attention.

6. Adaptive Style of Learning. Your unique learning needs are addressed through just-in-time feedback, resources, and pathways. AI and machine learning used to optimize learning outcomes.

5. Uninterrupted Studies. Your passion might be sports, music, dance, and you might miss classes routinely because of these engagements. Pursue your passion but don’t miss out on your studies.  Embrace the new way of learning. BYJU’s-The Learning App is your portable classroom.  Nothing should interrupt your studies.

4. Disney BYJU’s Early Learn.  A special offering from BYJU’S in collaboration with Disney India. Crafted with love for kids aged between 6-8 years, Disney BYJU’S Early Learn app offers personalized, interactive programs featuring Disney’s timeless stories and characters.  Falling in love with learning just got easier!

3. BYJU’s Classes-Tuitions Redefined. The best after-school learning for your child. Your child gets to learn from the best.  You need not worry about the logistics of commute, pick and drop, safety, etc.  Instant doubt resolution, one-on-one attention, and the option to select a batch of your child’s convenience.

2. You get to Know What is Happening. As a parent, you would want to know how your child is doing. You get access to a dashboard with all the real-time data about your child’s learning.  You get a more proactive role; there are no surprises.

1. The Best Teachers from Around the Country.  You get to learn from a young group of teachers who are handpicked by Byju himself; some of the brightest minds in the country with proven credibility and passion for teaching.  They will help you learn not just for exams, but for life.

Let us know what makes you fall in love with BYJU’S

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