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Why coding should be inculcated in children at a young age as a hobby?

Coding is a proven tool to enhance 21st-Century skills like Logical Thinking, Creativity, Analytical skills, Computational Thinking etc.

If we had told the previous generations that there will come a time when mobiles would be thin, flat, and operated by touch and the computers would be portable, they would have associated these words with science fiction. Yet here we are today, living that very science fiction.

This has got me thinking!! Just as we experience this boom in technology, are we as parents really preparing our children for the future?

Everybody should learn how to program a computer; it teaches you how to think

Steve Jobs

But, What is the future?

To sum it up, the future is the ‘digital age’. And coding is a way for our children to prepare themselves for the digital age. In layman terms coding is simply a language created for communication between man and computer.

Coding teaches children

Why should children learn coding at a young age when they don’t know their profession yet?

Coding helps children pick-up problem-solving skills:

Integrating coding with subjects like math teaches kids how to use an abstract language, work with algorithms, self-analyze computational skills, and pick-up problem-solving skills.

Coding teaches children that ‘‘It is ok to fail’’:

Children may tend to fail a few times while attempting to code but, there is no limit to the number of attempts. It teaches them the valuable lesson of persistence and determination.

Coding encourages cognitive skills and creativity:

Most of us are quick to assume that coding is completely technical and discourages creativity but think again. Coding undoubtedly requires technical knowledge but also combines creativity. It could help turn that one brilliant idea of your child into a reality.

Coding is a skill for the future:

Technology is our present and our future. The job market will only continue to evolve as new and exciting roles are being introduced every day. Children need to be equipped with the necessary skills and coding is one of the most needed skills of the future.

When should children start learning to code?

Children can take baby steps into coding. There are various core concepts that can be easily grasped; the starting age is completely dependent on the parent’s assessment of their child’s learning ability. In India, EdTech’s like BYJU’S/WhitehatJr offer coding programs for children as young as 6 years of age. The platform teaches the fundamentals of coding, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking. It is one of the many platforms our children can try.


It would be safe to say that in the technology lit future that children are heading towards, there are various benefits of learning to code. At the end of the day if coding sparks their interest, it can certainly aid their professional and personal development. 

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