10 Back-to-School Safety Tips for Students During COVID-19

Preparing children for back-to-school this year will be different, yet some things, such as flexibility, sleep and support, remain the same.
Back to school education concept

Going “back to school” has always been fun, but how do you stay safe and have all the fun during the ongoing Covid-19.

Here are 10 Simple Tips that will help you stay safe when you are back to school.


Back-to-School Safety Tips

Get Organized: Ready your schoolbag!! Stock it up with all the books and stationery you require for a school day. Additionally, a hand sanitizer, face-covering (mask), disinfectant wipes, and tissues will come in handy.

Recognize That School will be Different now: The traditional classroom setting will be different until things return to normal. Temperature checks, social distancing, frequent hand sanitizing, frequent sanitizing of high-contact surfaces, shorter lunch breaks, etc. will be a part of the new school system. Many school events may also be canceled or conducted virtually.  Some schools might choose to conduct outdoor classes if situation permits.

Be Ready to Switch: Schools may choose to adopt a mix of both offline and online classes. Half-day or alternate day classes may also be adopted to teach in small clusters rather than large groups. Be ready to switch to these new schedules if they are applied.

Follow the Safety Instructions: Follow all the COVID-19 safety instructions given by your school and encourage your buddies to follow them as well. Avoid breaking school rules.

KYS (Know Your Syllabus): Get to know the chapters and the content of the subjects. It will help you know the key things you will be studying this year. 

Acquire all the study resources: Gather all the necessary resources such as textbooks, guides, study materials, dictionary, encyclopedia, etc. that are available for your grade. It will help you with your homework and your exams. 

To know how to download free resources for CBSE, ICSE, and other boards, read this article.

Try something new: Studying should not just be limited to books. Even with the COVID-19 safety measures in place, you can still take up some physical activity to keep your learning balanced.

Concentrate in class: Use the time in your class wisely. Concentrate on the lessons and actively take notes. Good note-taking can improve your understanding and memory of the lessons taught at school. Don’t hesitate to ask doubts.

Set clear goals: Outline your short-term and long-term goals. Conveniently schedule your day, set deadlines, and see the difference. Take your time and create a to-do checklist. It can help keep track of your progress.

After school learning: Make sure you revise and revisit the chapters you learned at school. Make a study schedule, form virtual learning circles with your friends and classmates where you can share questions and doubts. You can enroll in private tuitions but ensure all the necessary safety measures are in place. You can also enroll in online learning programs like BYJUS Online Tuition to study from the safety of your home.

Stay safe and keep learning.

We hope you find these tips useful. Let us know about your preparation for school in the comment section below. To read about back-to-school tips for parents, click here.

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