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How is BYJU’S, the Edtech Decacorn, different from its competitors?

Ever since the pandemic hit India and schools were forced to shut down, the country’s Edtech players have been witnessing a COVID-19-led acceleration.

Indian EdTech startups are attracting unheard of funding and the most unimaginable of valuations. One name that has emerged as favorites among all other Edtech companies is BYJU’S -The Learning App.  How does BYJU’s stand out‼

To know the difference, let us identify and introduce some of the major EdTech companies in India.

The Edtech Wave In India

Redefining Tuitions

Toppr – Toppr is an after-school online learning platform that offers study materials for academics and competitive exams for students across grades 5th to 12th (Commerce, Engineering, Medical). It focuses on learning (live classes, video classes & study materials), practicing (adaptive questions, exam prep & customized tests), and asking (snaps, chats, and tutor assistance). Toppr also provides coding (CODR), practical learning (XPLOR), and school OS solutions.

Unacademy – Unacademy is an online learning and competitive exam preparation platform. Their services include live lectures, mock tests, live doubt resolution, and study materials. Unacademy is targeted at learners who are in class 9th and above. They specialize in prep training for competitive exams. They offer to learn programs for UPSC, SSC & Banks, Railway, Defense, JEE, NEET, GATE, TET, CET, and many other competitive examinations.

Vedantu – Vedantu is a live-tutoring platform with learning content and preparation programs for students across grade 6th to grade 12th. Along with computer coding courses, Vedantu also provides competitive exam courses for JEE (mains & advanced), NEET and NDA examinations.

Meritnation – Meritnation provides online tuitions, homework assistance, and NCERT solutions for students from class I to class XII. They also offer learning programs for JEE (Mains & Advanced) and NEET.

Extramarks – Extramarks is a self-learning app and a live-tutoring platform. They cater tutoring services to CBSE (Class 6 to Class 12), and ICSE (Class 6 to Class 12) along with Test prep courses (Engineering, Medical, SAT, TOEFL, PSAT, NEET, and JEE).

Plancess – Plancess is an entrance test preparation platform. It is designed to help students prepare for JEE, NEET/AIPMT. They also provide foundation courses for the 9th and the 10th Grade. Plancess also provides smart school solutions.

Embibe – Embibe is a test preparation platform that hosts a series of tests. They offer practice tests from grade 8 to grade 10. These platforms also focus on JEE, CET (AP, TS & Gujarat), NEET, AIIMS, SAT, and TOEFL.

Now let us speak about BYJU’S, the world’s most-valued Edtech company.


  • Unlike many learning platforms in this list, BYJU’S is a one-stop-solution for all afterschool learning needs.
  • They offer customized courses for students starting as young as kindergarten way up to job aspirants taking up competitive exams.
  • BYJU’S is also not a typical Edtech company they are more of an Education Media Technology Company.
  • The programs that BYJU’S has to offer are more comprehensive and interactive as they use movie-like videos and game-like interaction in their content.
  • They also host live online tutoring classes (BYJU’S Classes), computer coding for kids (WhiteHat Jr), and prep courses for several competitive exams.
  • Apart from these, the BYJU’S website has an archive of tips, resources, and study materials for government job aspirants.
  • They are partnering with the likes of Disney, Osmo, etc. This will ensure that the quality of their content remains engaging, interactive, and far ahead of their competitors.
  • BYJU’’s courses are multilingual, .i.e., Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu, etc.  This gives them a greater reach and makes their offerings more inclusive.
  • They are going global; made forays into the middle-east markets.  They are rolling out localized content for the European and North American markets.
  • Africa could be its new frontier. The hitherto underserved education market could be their biggest opportunity.

These unique aspects of  BYJU’S make them stand out from the other EdTech companies.

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