Tips to Stay Motivated for the Exams

7 Simple Tips to Stay Motivated for the Exams

Exams are just round the corner. You have this sense of panic. There is a lot of work that needs to be done.

It is that boring day again, online classes, online exams, and nagging parents.  Everyone that bumps into you preaches “just focus and study”.  You rather play PUBG ?.   I understand how it feels.

There is so much to do, where to begin?

Exams are just round the corner. You have this sense of panic. There is a lot of work that needs to be done. So many chapters to be covered, so many assignments to be completed. How do I begin?

Work hard in silence. Let your success be your noise.

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This is how you go about it!

“The secret to getting ahead is getting started.”

Stop Procrastinating: A few common reasons for procrastinating are:

The task seems so overwhelming, you do not know where to start. You are waiting for “that perfect time” to start.

Get rid of Distractions

Turn off your Internet.

Switch off your phone

Commit to a Single Task (The Pomodoro Technique)

This makes it a whole lot easier to get that One Very Important Thing done.  Set a timer for 30 minutes and work on just one task during those 30 minutes. Take a 5-minute break after the timer goes off.  Repeat this cycle 4 more times. Take a longer break. Over time, this technique helps improve your attention span and focus.

Have a Routine & a Study Plan

Having a set routine can greatly help with any stress or anxiety you might have about the forthcoming exams.  Plan exactly what you want to study. Chalk out a detailed study plan and stick to it. Using apps like BYJU’S will help. The Learning App will give you access to a detailed report of your learning progress and help you understand where you are and how far you have to go. With BYJU’S personalised learning approach, each student has the opportunity to learn as per their own individual needs.

Break it Down

  • Make a beginning.
  • Take stock of all that you have to finish
  • List it out.
  • Break down each task into small chunks
  • Assign yourself a few of those small chunks each day.
  • Now instead of an insurmountable task, you have a series of manageable chunks.
  • Each chunk could be: 4 pages of a chapter, 10 multiple choice questions, etc.

Eat the Frog the First Thing in the Morning

Finish that one task you think is the toughest one or you have been putting off for the longest time.  The rest of the day becomes a cakewalk.

Organize Your Study- Create a calm study space (mise-en-place philosophy)

Create an environment that’s conducive to getting stuff done. You should have a space dedicated for studying. Declutter- if you’re studying at your desk, make sure it’s clear of any mess.

Have a Goal

The keys to staying motivated is organising your time and work and working towards a clearly defined goal.

The Key to Success is to Focus on Goal, Not Obstacles

Unwavering Focus

You’re nearly there. The finish line is in sight, but that one last burst of effort is what is needed. Do not take your eyes off the ball. Stay motivated. Good luck!

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