Tips to Prepare for Exams

5 Simple Tips to Prepare for Exams with BYJU’S

With determination, discipline and hard work breezing through exams is easy. Preparation tips for exam.

Preparing for your exams need not be stressful. If you have the right strategy in place you can learn, revise, and perform better in your exams.

Check out 5 simple and practical tips to prepare for your exams with EdTech platforms like BYJU’S.

Competitive exams are a window through which youngsters can gain employment or entry into academic institutions in the country and even abroad. 

board exams, university, or public exams

Understand the Concepts: Get your concepts clear.  Make sure you grasp the basics of each concept before moving ahead to advanced and application-based questions. BYJU’S The Learning App, allows you to learn core concepts in a fun and easy way. The video lessons let you associate concepts with real-life scenarios and understand them thoroughly.

Click on the links to download the textbooks and lesson notes to help you begin with your preparation. Ӏ CBSE Books  Ӏ CBSE Lesson Notes Ӏ ICSE Books Ӏ  CBSE Syllabus Ӏ ICSE Syllabus  Ӏ NCERT Solutions from Class 1 to Class 12  Ӏ ICSE Important Questions 

Spend Time Wisely: Time is your most important resource while preparing for your exams. Dedicate a set amount of time for each subject and divide the portions accordingly. It will prevent last-minute stress. With BYJU’S, you can significantly reduce the time to study a topic.  

Explore highly engaging video lessons here.

Revise Strategically: Revision helps store information in your long-term memory. Research shows that people with effective revision strategies can perform 30% better in their final exams compared to those who do not revise effectively. BYJU’S app leverages an adaptive revision tool that helps you identify the areas that need improvement and suggests methods to improve yourself.

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Practice Until You Get It Right: Solve time-bound exercises, mock tests & model papers.  Taking practice tests helps in revision and helps you get better at time management during the actual exam. You also get to see the various question styles and have a fair view of what the exam/test might consist of. BYJU’S app tests you with quizzes, interactive questions, games, and more. The adaptive testing module of BYJU’S gets more challenging as your understanding gets deeper. You may also download sample exam papers, previous exam papers, textbook solutions from the BYJU’S website.

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Be an Active Learner: Get creative with the way you learn instead of just stuffing pieces of information into your brain. Makeup rhymes, use word association, explain the concepts to your friends, or have them explain concepts to you. BYJU’S makes use of various learning aids such as visuals, graphics, and interesting analogies in their learning content to make your learning process extremely effective.

Stay Informed!!

If you are preparing for board exams, university, or public exams, never walk into your test unprepared. You can check for the latest exam updates and notifications, exam syllabus, from BYJU’S.

To know more about the resources that you can download for free from BYJU’S read this Article. You can find free resources for ICSE, CBSE, State boards, JEE, NEET, UPSC, and other exams.

All the best for your exams!!

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