BYJU’s Give Initiative

Your old phone could open up a new world of learning. Your outdated tab could update a child’s future. Your spare touch screen could touch lives.
BYJU’S Give Initiative

BYJU’S, the world’s most highly-valued EdTech & digital learning company is on a mission.  A mission that aims to empower millions of children from underserved communities by 2025.

BYJU’S Give Initiative

The spare tablet, smartphone, or an unused laptop at home could make a world of difference to a child’s future.  You could touch lives!

Discover the “Joy of Giving” and help open up a new window of learning opportunities for underprivileged children.

Sign up to give away your old touch-screen devices to the BYJU’S Give Initiative. BYJU’S will repurpose and refurbish your old device, load it with the BYJU’S Learning content, and deliver it to the hands of the needy children, free of cost.

What is BYJU’S Give Initiative?

BYJU’S Give Initiative is a step towards the BYJU’S Education for All mission that aims to empower five million children from underserved communities by 2025.

How does BYJU’S Give Initiative work?

Visit BYJU’S Give Initiative and fill out the information/specifications of the device you wish to donate. Next, fill in your contact information and the location to pick up the device.

The device will be collected by BYJU’S campaign partner, refurbished, and distributed to a student in need. If the device is beyond repair, it will be processed as e-waste.

Can I donate any old phone/tablet?

All donations are welcome. However, the mission is not to collect e-waste. Devices with the following specifications are preferred to make this initiative a complete success.

  • Operating System: Android 5.1 and above
  • Screen size: 5 inches and above
  • External Storage: Expandable up to 128GB for combo SD cards
  • RAM: 2GB and above

Please ensure that you do not donate faulty or defective devices that are likely to cause damage, loss of life, or injury. Permanently delete all the data/information stored in the device before donation.

What’s in it for me?

This is a voluntary and charitable mission. It feels good! By donating, you are not just giving away a device, you are giving wings to the future of a needy child and empowering his/her education.

To know more about the initiative, visit BYJU’S Give Initiative

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