BYJU’s India’s EdTech Decacorn Going Global

Byju’s is now a decacorn and the most valuable edtech startup. What’s next?
A Complete Global Package

BYJU’s The Learning App is going global. BYJU’S will first venture into English-speaking countries and then foray into the pan-Asian market in due course.

The Middle-East Footprint

BYJU’S is already a well-known and popular EdTech brand in the GCC (Gulf Co-operation Council) countries. BYJU’S currently has learning programs for math and science for students from grades 4 to 12. Overwhelmed by the response in the GCC region, it is planning to launch programs in more subjects and other languages like Arabic soon. They host one of UAE’s most prestigious quiz contest- The Star Quiz Challenge. The Star Quiz Challenge is open to middle school kids residing in UAE, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, Qatar, and Saudi Arabia.

The 10th season of The Star Quiz Challenge commenced in September this year, and it is conducted completely online and composed of three rounds of quizzing. A weekly topper will be awarded a PS4 and the ultimate price, an Alienware gaming laptop is reserved for the winner of the grand finale.

The Middle-East Footprint

New Frontiers

Through WhiteHat Jr, their recent acquisition, BYJU’S plans to introduce math learning programs as part of their initial offering in countries like Australia, New Zealand, UK, Singapore, and Germany.

The plan is to have the world’s best educators, teachers and mentors conduct classes on BYJU’s app.  Native English speakers and teachers of repute from different geographies will conduct classes on the app.

In an interview with , Divya Gokulnath (CEO and Co-founder, BYJU’S) mentioned that they aim to be one of the largest education providers in the world while continuing to make kids fall in love with learning.

blended learning programs

A Complete Global Package!!

India could become the Global center for Edtech, writing a bigger story than e-commerce and the IT industry.  BYJU’s is leading from the front!

BYJU’S have transformed from classrooms to stadiums to virtual classes, and are now a pioneer in providing personalized, experiential, and blended learning programs.

With synergetic acquisitions like OSMO, WhiteHat Jr, LabinApp in their line-up, BYJU’S aims to be a one-stop learning tool where global students can learn, revise, clear doubts, perform experiments and even learn new skills.  This portfolio of products and the success that they have achieved in a fragmented and diverse market such as India will hold them in good stead in their global ambitions.

Making in India for the world is the new mantra of Indian startups.  Byju’s is one company that looks poised to achieve it.  What do you think?  Will India’s most-loved Edtech company Byju’s be able to recreate the magic globally?

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