Unconventional Career Options

What to do after 12th Science

We give you five awesome and out-of-the-box career ideas to consider after 12th Science.

Five Awesome and Unconventional Career Options

Engineering, Medical and B.Sc. are the most popular choices for science students after they qualify the 12th board exam. However, the popular path is not always the right path for everyone. Career options after 12th grade have multiplied since the last decade and Generation‑Z (students currently attending secondary school education) have many unique and lucrative careers to choose from.

We give you five awesome and out-of-the-box career ideas to consider after 12th Science.

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Are you fascinated by the cosmos and the mysteries of the universe? Then astronomy can be your calling. Astronomy is a challenging, exciting, and rewarding field. Specializations in astronomy include planets, constellations, solar systems, stars, asteroids, distant galaxies, and the list goes on. The job profiles include research scientists, lecturers, astronauts, astronomers, cosmologists, astronomical observers, etc.

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Gaming is a fast-evolving industry. With more than 110 game development organizations, the Indian gaming industry alone is worth nearly $890 million. It is a field where innovation has no end and the learning never stops. If you have the right skills, you can let your imagination run wild.

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Professional Chef

The hospitality industry is continuing to grow year-on-year along with the demand for skilled chefs. As a career, chefs are exposed to diverse paths, and it is not limited to one cuisine type or establishment. Being a chef is not just limited to cooking. Chefs learn to operate a business, maintain a kitchen, manage purchases, and inventory, and manage financials. Trained and professional chefs exhibit strong leadership and interpersonal skills.

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Sound Engineering

Sound engineering is a career with endless possibilities. Opportunities extend across platforms like gaming, web, film, television, advertising, music, live events, radio, application development, and so on. If you are a music buff who speaks the universal language of music, sound engineering can be your calling.

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Tips to Stay Motivated for the Exams

Take decisions that move you to where you want to go, not keep you where you already are

Environmental Science

If you love venturing out in the field and finding different ways to protect our environment, environmental science is the zone for you. Environmental science is a broad field with unlimited job opportunities. The career prospects include government and private organizations.

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What you choose to study after 12th is a career-defining decision. It all begins with performing well in your 12th board exams. Have a fool-proof plan in place to boost your exam preparation.

Make use of EdTech programs like BYJU’S-The Learning App, to prepare yourself for the boards and other competitive exams. EdTech like BYJU’S offer personalized learning programs with adaptive video lessons and sample tests for each concept. You can learn, ask doubts, revise, and prepare for your exams all in one single app.

These were just 5 out of the numerous career options after passing 12th grade in the Science stream.

What do you aspire to be? Let us know in the comment section below.

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