BYJU’s Reviews for IAS

BYJU’s Reviews for IAS

BYJU’s Reviews for IAS. IAS aspirants are pressed for time, tablet courses are by far the most convenient and effective manner for completing the UPSC syllabus.

BYJU’s Reviews for IAS: UPSC CSE (Civil Services Exam) is one of the most prestigious and highly competitive exams in this country. Approximately, 5,50,000 aspirants actually take up the exam every year.

Choosing the right exam-prep course could make all the difference to you qualifying or not qualifying for the IAS.

There are various offline and online exam prep options.  BYJU’s IAS course is one of the most popular.

Towards helping you make an informed choice, let us look at collated excerpts from some of BYJU’s reviews or rather BYJU’s Reviews for the IAS Course.

BYJU’s Reviews for IAS

Insightful Workshop

They conduct a workshop, which is very detailed and informative.  The faculty touched upon all the aspects relating to prelims, mains, and the interview.  They particularly highlighted how NOT to prepare for the IAS, especially things we should be avoiding.   This was of great help.

Helpful & Knowledgeable Faculty

The faculty takes every possible measure to help students, and they are experts in their fields. The faculty I liked the most are from Polity, Economics, Geography and Ethics.  They make the course interactive and they are accessible over phone, e-mail and WhatsApp. Every student will be assigned a mentor who will give exclusive study-plans and guidance to help clear the IAS exam under the mentorship program.

Very Convenient BYJU’s tablet comes with preloaded content in videos. It helps in revision. Most of the topics are extensively covered.  It is convenient for people like me who would like to control their schedule. If you are a student/professional and unable to attend regular classes for UPSC, this will be quite a handy choice

Practice Tests

The standards are really high.  The practice question papers are quite tough. The mock tests give you the real feel of the IAS exam helping you increase your speed and accuracy for the UPSC exam.

Excellent Current Affairs Coverage

Daily CNA (comprehensive news analysis) along with the video lecture of the daily CNA will be sent to you.  It covers all the important news of the day from a UPSC perspective.

Complete Coverage of Syllabus

Lectures on the entire IAS syllabus by the best IAS faculty; the syllabus is updated whenever there is a change in pattern. Unique topics like internal Security, International Relations, Ethics, Disaster Management, India Yearbook, and Economic Survey would be covered by specialists in the field.

I am hoping this collation helps you choose the right IAS exam-prep course.  Do take a demo class from BYJU’s by registering at IAS 2021 preparation, and take an informed decision.

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