BYJU’S vs Vedantu

A lot of our readers have asked us to compare BYJU’s and Vedantu; two very popular EdTech platforms.
BYJU’S vs Vedantu

As the COVID-19 pandemic has shut down schools and educational institutions indefinitely, more and more students are turning towards online education.

Choosing the right education solution can be quite a task; one has to compare a lot of data such as plans, pricing, content, language supported, user ratings, features, customer support, etc. before choosing the right kind of program.

A lot of our readers have asked us to compare BYJU’s and Vedantu; two very popular EdTech platforms. 

Brand Positioning Byjus Vedantu

Brand Positioning: On one side is the world’s most valuable Edtech start-up BYJU’S, which emphasizes self-learning and usage of technology to make students life-long learners and on the other is a pioneer in live tutoring that aims at providing a virtual yet holistic classroom experience. 

BYJU’s recently ventured into the live tutoring space- BYJU’s Classes, which was something that was missing in BYJU’s arsenal thus far.  

Courses Available:

BYJU’S offers courses for students across different ages and grades. They provide the following customized educational content.

  • BYJU’S Classes-Recently launched a comprehensive online tutoring program that redefines how online tutoring is delivered.  Interactive, immersive, compelling, and personalized. Visit: to know more and sign up.
  • Disney BYJU’S- A special offering from BYJU’S in collaboration with Disney India. Crafted with love for children, aged between 6-8 years.
  • Classes 4 to 10- Conceptual and personalized learning programs, tailor-made for every students’ learning speed and need.
  • Classes 11 to 12- Smart and adaptive learning program for competitive exams.
  • Test Prep- Consists of game-changing video lectures specially targeted to crack competitive exams such as IAS, CAT, JEE (main & advanced), NEET, Banking, and several states as well as central government exams.

Vedantu offers content for 6th grade to 12th grade and preparation programs for school boards and competitive exams. The following are the programs available at Vedantu.

  • Micro Courses- Specialized learning content for classes 6th to 12th
  • V Pro- Similar to micro-courses and includes live interactive classes, test series and analysis, assignments, and notes.
  • Maharashtra Board- Specialized courses for grades 9 and 10 for students in the Maharashtra state board.
  • Test Prep- Vedantu’s test prep includes specialized courses for JEE (main & advanced), NEET, and NDA.

With better quality and a wider selection of courses, BYJU’S has an edge here.

Teaching Methodology:

BYJU’S offers a comprehensive learning application that leverages technology to merge proven practices such as the use of videos, engaging content, and quizzes. BYJU’s make use of visually-rich content to establish conceptual clarity and encourage lifelong learning. The learning programs include movies like video and game-like simulations to help students learn effectively.

Vedantu offers 1-on-1 live student-teacher sessions. The technology used by Vedantu is called Whiteboard Audio Video Education or WAVE in short. The platform enables a primary teacher, multiple teacher assistants, and many students to be live at the same time. Vedantu also hosts quizzes, but it is entirely on a live model.

BYJU’S allows the students to learn both online and offline, making it a truly personalized learning platform wherein the student can study at his/her own speed. BYJU’S also hosts a separate doubt resolution platform.

Future Ready Skills:

BYJU’S recently acquired WhiteHat Jr, the leader in the online coding space. WhiteHat Jr. helps kids aged 6 to 14 years build commercial-ready games, animations, and apps online using the fundamentals of coding.

Vedantu freshly launched its new coding program called SUPERCODERS that is available in four levels.

  • LIL CHAMPS (Grade 1 and Grade 2)
  • YOUNG LEARNERS (Grade 3 and Grade 4)
  • EARLY ACHIEVERS (Grade 5 and Grade 6)
  • PRO CODERS (Grade 7 and Grade 8)

Medium of Instruction

Vedantu hosts learning content primarily in English and Hindi. On the other hand, BYJU’S hosts learning programs in the most prominent regional languages of India including, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Malayalam, Gujarati, and Bengali.

Who Seems to Have an Edge?

A well-structured pedagogy with an emphasis on self-learning and interactive learning gives Byju’s the edge for now.

Their core team spends most of their time figuring out how to help students understand concepts and how to make the content engaging and fun, and tech for them is an important enabler but not the reason for their existence. 

We very strongly feel this is “why they are what they are”

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