BYJU’S Review for ICSE App

BYJU’S Review for ICSE App

BYJU’S Review for ICSE App. Let’s have a quick overview of the online ICSE course offered by BYJU’S. We talk about the big players in the edtech sector,

BYJU’S – The Learning App offers online courses for all the board exams to help students give access to smart learning across India.

India has various education councils – CBSE, ICSE, and the state boards respectively, in which class 10th board examination acts as the deciding factor for students’ future. It is that time of a student’s life where s/he has to choose a stream of his/her interest.

Several online and offline tutorials aim to help students with their studies. However, it is very crucial and challenging to take up the right course that can help us upgrade our knowledge. 

BYJU’S Review for ICSE App:

  • ICSE, The Indian Certificate of Secondary Education is a private board of school education in India for class 10. It is an examination conducted by the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE). Almost 2 lakh students take up the exam every year.
  • BYJU’S ICSE App aims to guide the students to focus more on language, arts, and science subjects. It provides a detailed curriculum of the ICSE board. The syllabus is well structured and vast and requires equal attention to all the subjects.

The innovative learning process is all that a student requires. BYJU’S helps students to access education in a very interesting and fun way.

BYJU’S Review for ICSE App Learning App

Let’s have a quick overview of the online ICSE course offered by BYJU’S.

Detailed Syllabus:
A good understanding of the syllabus is the first and foremost thing before you start preparing for the exam. BYJU’S provides a complete syllabus of the ICSE course in the app.

Schedule Free Learning:
Isn’t it great if you can learn at any time, at any place as per your wish? The answer is ‘YES’. BYJU’S ICSE App offers education at your own convenience. You can now relax at home and still not miss the lesson.

Interactive Video Lessons:
Learning becomes easy when it is well explained. BYJU’S provides video learning lessons from experts across India for better education. A video library is available for the students to enhance their knowledge. The high-quality animation and real-world examples help the students to upskill themselves.

Study Material:
With a subscription, students can get access to the study materials and notes. Also, you can buy the BYJU’S tablet course where you will get all the study material and lessons already installed on the device. You can order it from any place in India.

Doubt Clearance Sessions:
To make the learning process interactive, BYJU’S gives the students opportunity to ask their questions and clear their doubts. The expert panel will interact with them, solve their problems and make them understand the concept clearly.

Sample Papers:
For thorough exam preparation, students must solve sample papers. BYJU’S The Learning App is equipped with solved and unsolved papers to help students learn precisely. It also provides important questions and topics to prepare for the exam.

Textbook Solutions:
Solving the reference textbooks for the ICSE course helps the students to get prepared for the board exams. BYJU’S app contains Selina Solutions and ML Agarwal Solutions to help the students understand the problem-solving method even better.

Previous Year Question Papers:
BYJU’S ICSE App includes previous years solved question papers to give students a brief idea about the question pattern. It gives students the knowledge to solve the questions methodically.

Monitoring through Tests:
The progress of a student is monitored through the chapter-wise test. The feedback is updated in the app to practice perfection. Students get to know their weaker side and work hard for better performance in the exam.

BYJU’S ICSE App is a comprehensive learning program that prioritizes conceptualize method to help students get better performance in the exam.

Get a free trial course at BYJU’s ICSE and decide what is best for you!

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