Quizzing Helps Student

How Quizzing Helps Student Develop a Love for Learning

Quizzing is a great way to reinforce and consolidate learnings. It is participatory, interactive, and competitive.

Trust Yourself, You Know More Than You Think You Do- Dr. Benjamin Spock

Quizzing is a great way to reinforce and consolidate learnings.  It is participatory, interactive, and competitive.  The feedback on learning outcomes is instant and measurable.

We have created an interesting quiz about quizzes. Participate and check your knowledge about quizzes.


How Quizzing Helps Student

Engaging and Prompting – A wrong answer in a quiz prompts the students to go back and re-read certain parts of a chapter, subject, or concept. It encourages active engagement.

Increases Learning vs Memorization – Quizzes encourage students to dive deeper into the study material to find the right answer.

Identify the Knowledge Gap – Data points; quizzing is a great tool to measure learning gaps as well as areas of strength.  If you do not know the right answer, inevitably it means there is a knowledge gap that has to be addressed.

Helps in Retention – Reading, consolidating, and testing the knowledge in the form a quiz is an effective way of helping students retain the information.

Less Stressful – Tests and examinations are stress generators for students.  However, a quiz can be a fun-filled and less stressful means to test themselves.

Helps Test and Keep Track – On average, a teacher can grade 40 quizzes in about 5 minutes. It can also help teachers keep track and monitor the progress of each student. It enables metacognitive tracking where teachers and students are both aware of how learning is progressing.

How EdTech Companies are leveraging Quizzes?

The world leader in EdTech- BYJU’S, has integrated Quizzing into their platform. The unique nature of the BYJU’S app prompts students to take a quiz after each lesson to test their learnings. The AI algorithm then identifies the students’ strengths and weaknesses in a particular chapter. It helps BYJU’S in providing a personalized learning path.

Through the app, you can challenge your friends or a random opponent to compete in a Quiz game. The ultimate benefit of regularly taking quizzes is that it helps in setting up a self-evaluation strategy and improves learning outcomes.

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