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How to Buy or Sell a Used Bike

Most common questions asked about buying and selling used bikes.

Every day is a jolly good day for a rider.

India is the 2nd largest two-wheeler market in the world.   Covid19, social distancing norms, and last-mile connectivity problems with public transport have boosted the demand for two‑wheelers (specifically used bikes).  More and more people from rural India, hinterlands, tier-2, and tier-3 towns not served adequately by public transport are choosing two-wheelers for personal transport. 

Most common questions asked about buying and selling used bikes.

Used two-wheelers are convenient, economical, and ideal for daily personal commutes and for adventurous getaways.

In a developing economy like India with improving disposable incomes, there are a lot of people who want to sell their bikes and upgrade for various reasons.

Which used bike should I buy?

Choose a two‑wheeler that fulfills your needs.

If you are looking at hassle-free daily commute, you can go for a bike that requires less maintenance and offers good mileage. E.g.: Hero Splendor, Bajaj Platina, Bajaj Discoverer, TVS Star City, etc.

If power, performance, and style are things that matter to you, choose a ride like Bajaj Pulsar, RE‑Bullet, KTM, Yamaha R15, Fazer, Suzuki Gixxer, etc.

If you wish to maneuver effortlessly through the traffic without worrying about shifting gears, choose something like Honda Activa, Honda Dio, Yamaha Fascino, RAY ZR, TVS N-Torq, etc.

For road trips and long rides choose a touring bike such as, the RE-Himalayan, Bajaj Dominor, Bajaj Avenger-220 Cruise, Mahindra Mojo, Yamaha FZ 5, etc. Some of these bikes are also good for daily commute.

What are the things I should check when buying and selling a used bike?

When buying a used bike, apart from taking it for a test-ride, you have to conduct 2 types of inspection‑ Visual and Technical. You could also take the bike to a mechanic or take your bike-savvy friend along with you. In case you are selling a bike, conduct the same checks to evaluate the condition yourself. Repair or replace the necessary parts.

Visual InspectionTechnical Inspection
Check the overall cosmetics of the bike.
• Look for inconsistencies in the paint, scratches, cracks, crash signs, and tyre wear and tear.
Check the overall condition of the bike.
• Look for oil/fuel leakage, rust, condition of the cables and wiring.
• Condition of the sprocket.
• Park the bike on the center stand and check its symmetry.
• Try the self-start (or kick start if the bike doesn’t have one). A well-maintained bike should be up-and-running in one attempt.
• Check for unusual noise during acceleration and idling.
• Check all the levers, indicators, lights, horn, and the breaks.
• Last but not least check the amount of smoke coming out (and for odd smells).

What are the documents I need to check?

The correctness of the paperwork and documentation indicates whether or not the vehicle is genuine. The following are the must-have documents:

  • RC (Registration Certificate)
  • Insurance
  • PUC (Pollution Under Control Certificate)
  • Service History
[For a detailed list of documents required while buying and selling click here.]
two‑wheeler that fulfills your needs

How to decide the right price?

This question is common for both buyers and sellers. The price of a used bike depends on factors like the model, brand, current condition, demand in the market, age of the bike and depreciation.

My suggestion: Gather all the info of the bike you are about to sell/buy and conduct a thorough research online.

I have saved the best question for the last!!

Where do I buy or sell a pre-owned two-wheeler?

Of Course, the choices are many, you can choose local two-wheeler dealers, classified online ads, private buyers within your circle, and referral from friends and family. The problem with all these methods is that they are unorganized and cumbersome. It requires time, patience, and a lot of efforts, and still does not guarantee that you fill get a good deal.

Alternatively, you could try an organized approach to buy or sell a used bike.

Organized platforms like CARS24 offer end-to-end solutions when dealing with used bikes. The pros of CARS24 are mentioned below:

Buying a used bikeSelling a used bike
• You can buy a fully verified and refurbished used bike in less than 30 minutes from CARS24.
• You can buy any bike online (CARS24 website) or offline (CARS24 Moto Store) at pocket friendly prices.
• Take a trial of different bikes and choose a bike that suits your requirements.
• Avail hassle-free RC transfer services.
• Easy loan options with on-spot approvals.
• 90 days warranty.
• 7-days money back guarantee.
• Get instant delivery of your favorite pre owned bike.
• Say goodbye to bargaining or haggling.
• Say goodbye to uncertainty.
• Get your bike inspected at home.
• The value of your bike is decided after a 100+ point technical inspection by an expert.
• Once you are satisfied with the offer, the money is instantly transferred to your bank account.
• CARS24 also takes care of all documentation and RC transfer.

If you have more questions, feel free to ask them in the comment section below. Hope I was able to help. Good Luck!!

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