How did you buy your First car

How and Where did you buy your first car?

The best way to ensure that you get the most miles out of your first car is to take good care of it.

My First Car and my First Love!

My first car was a maroon Maruti 800.  I did buy it through CARS24.  I did learn how to drive in this car; this car took me places I had never been too.  The cost of ownership was always low.  It needed very minimal maintenance. This car could go anywhere, never gave up on me ?.

I have very fond memories about this car. My driving being what it was, I would initially hire drivers for long trips. One fine day, I had enough of this driver stuff and chose to drive for long trips as well.  This was very liberating‼

The best way to ensure that you get the most miles out of your first car is to take good care of it. 

My Buying Dilemma

I could not afford a new car but I wanted a CAR.  I would not trust anyone, particularly the classifieds or the neighborhood car dealer. I was simply plain scared to deal with them.

Why did I choose to buy from CARS24?

I would always see this CARS24 branch on my way to the office.  Now that I wanted a CAR, I walked in and enquired. The lady at the reception put me across to the “seller of cars”. He goes on to say these are certified cars and they have been checked thoroughly for over 200+ inspection points and CARS24 certified.

There is a 14-day hassle-free return if for any reason I wanted to return the car*.   They do have easy financing options and on spot loan approval.  Was I impressed, yes mighty impressed!  A confession here, I did not understand a thing about the car except for the fact it looked well maintained to me.  I just banked on CARS24 to do the right thing. It worked well for me!

How did you buy your First car

How it Works

Select the car of your choice from a specially curated list of used cars verified by CARS24.

Visit the seller with a CARS24 buyer’s buddy.  He will help you get the best deal for the car that you have chosen.

Pay directly to the seller and drive home your dream car. The RC Transfer is taken care of CARS24!

Let us know how and where you bought your first car and share your story in the comment section below.

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