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How to make a learning app like BYJU’s

eLearning is flourishing now. Students and teachers across the globe love the freedom offered by online resources; especially E-learning apps.

EdTech programs are selling like hot cakes in India and abroad. As per a joint report by Google and KPMG, the EdTech market in India alone is set to grow to $1.96 billion by 2021. BYJU’S is a perfect example of a trending treat that everyone in town wants to try.

They were the first unicorn to enter the EdTech market, and today, they are the world’s most valued EdTech company and a decacorn.

Is It Worth Your While to Create An App Like Byju’s?

Before trying to follow the bandwagon and attempting to make an app like BYJU’S, you need to know the recipe used in creating BYJU’S the learning app.

In this article, we will discuss what makes BYJU’S so BYJU’S (By juicy), but without all the technical jargon. Read till the end to know the secret ingredient!!

How to Make a Learning App

First, you need a regular EdTech mix which contains education and technology in ideal proportions, then add ‘media’ to this regular mix and mix it well. BYJU’S is a non-conventional app in a non‑conventional EdTech space. They are an Education-Media-Technology company. They have on board some of the best teachers, technology, media, and content experts who work in conjunction to bring a seamless and world-class learning experience.

After achieving a perfect mix of Education-Media-Technology, add personalized learning into this mix. This will improve the essence of the learning experience. BYJU’S creates learning profiles based on every students’ progress such that it keeps the students motivated and keeps the learning process on track. Whenever a student makes an error, the app suggests remedial methods that motivate and improves the learning experience.

To make the learning experience more tasteful sprinkle some fun quizzes, flashcards, animated videos, and questions. With over one lakh concepts and lessons to teach, BYJU’S leverage technology into their learning programs to keep students motivated and make the content engaging.

The flavor is of utmost importance. It depends on the crowd you want to cater to. Choose the right flavor for the right crowd. BYJU’S offer a wide-reaching range of flavors. For kindergarteners to grade 3 students, they have Disney BYJU’S Early Learn. For grades 4 to 12, they have the classic BYJU’S The Learning App, and for those craving to crack entrance exams they offer CAT, NEET, JEE, Banking, UPSC, and other such learning programs.

Now, for the secret ingredient!!!!

Passion for education and teaching!!! It is the secret ingredient you need to make an effective learning app like BYJU’S. BYJU’S is an outcome of passion that meets vision. It was Byju Raveendran’s passion for teaching that turned BYJU’S into an EdTech decacorn. It takes the right combination of ingredients and passion to craft a successful learning app like BYJU’S.

Now you know what makes BYJU’S so unique. You should also know that it takes tremendous effort, time, and commitment to achieve what BYJU’S have achieved today.

Tell us what more you would add to make a learning app like BYJU’S.

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