Redefining Tuitions-BYJU’s Launches BYJU’s Classes

Within a very short period of its launch, BYJU’S Classes is getting immense traction.
Redefining Tuitions!

BYJU’S recently launched “BYJU’S Classes” – a comprehensive online tutoring program that is redefining after-school tuitions.

Redefining Tuitions

Divya Gokulnath, a passionate teacher and the Co-Founder of BYJU’S addressing the media at the launch said “As the world gears up to embrace the new normal, we believe that a student’s education must be a priority in every sense. Our new product, ‘BYJU’S Classes’ will offer what every student and parent needs today –  access to classes from the best teachers in the country, instant doubt resolution, and a one-on-one mentor to guide them along their learning journey.”

“With our complete home-learning solution, students can easily move to ‘Classrooms of Tomorrow’ that are able to provide the highest standards of learning to students from the best teachers in the safety of their homes.”

Divya says!

Like all BYJU’S learning programs “BYJU’S Classes” stand firm on 4 pillars- Personalized learning journey, technology-enabled learning, engaging content, and the best teachers.

Students get to choose both weekday and weekend batches.  They can attend these scheduled online classes which are customized in line with their school curriculum.

Features of BYJU’S Classes:

Personalized Tuitions: Unlike traditional tuition centers, BYJUS classes provide live and individual lessons based on the syllabus and grade of a student. BYJU’S classes are available for students across 4th to 10th grade. 

Regular and Scheduled Classes: Classes are pre-scheduled as per a weekly timetable. Students can choose between weekday or weekend batches. About three to four classes are conducted per week, giving more time for students to pursue other talents.

Best of Teachers:  In a traditional tuition center, a student can get access to the best available teachers within a limited distance. In BYJU’S classes, a student can take lessons from top teachers across the country from the comfort of their homes.

Teaching Format: BYJU’S classes make use of live visual aids designed using cutting edge technologies to make learning more engaging and fun. It helps transform students into active learners.

Doubt Resolution: Doubt resolution is made instantaneous in BYJU’S classes. A student can clarify all doubts during or after the lesson.

Personalized Attention: A dedicated mentor guides each student in a one-to-one format. The mentor keeps track of a personalized learning blueprint to suggest methods of improvement and help students in their weak areas.

It does not end here. BYJU’S Classes also helps students become self-learners.

Education Self Learners

Regular Homework: Regular tests and worksheets are assigned after every session as homework. The teacher evaluates the homework, and the results are shared on the portal.

Extra Classes: The “extra class” option allows students to revise with select teachers and through the BYJUS learning app. Students can revisit any topic multiple times and practice with unlimited tests and quizzes.

Monthly PTA and Learning Reports: A mentor provides a 360-degree evaluation report of a student’s learning path. Monthly PTA meetings are also conducted to keep in touch with the parents and discuss the student’s progress.

Within a very short period of its launch, BYJU’S Classes is getting immense traction. Students can register for a free demo and see firsthand how BYJU’S Classes work.

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