Teacher Training Powered by BYJU’S

Teacher Training Powered by BYJU’S

A professionally certified, skilled and self-aware teacher is an asset to any school. A teacher training programme can give you access to the relevant practical experience and guidance that you require in order to fill that role.

The NSDC (National Skill Development Council) and BYJU’S have joined forces to empower and upskill the future teachers of India as part of the Skill India Mission.

 As teaching and learning goes way beyond the traditional brick and mortar classroom, the teachers have to be prepared to meet the dynamic needs of the future. The collaboration between BYJU’S and NSDC aims to achieve just that.

BYJU’S and NSDC will work closely to train and upskill teachers.

The highlights of the MoU are as follows:

  • BYJU’S will provide their world-class learning content, educational tools, academic and non‑academic digital content (license-free) to the stakeholders of NSDC across the country.
  • In turn, NSDC will help popularize the adoption and create awareness about the digital tools that BYJU’S offers.

How will this benefit the teachers?

Teachers who participate in this training will obtain skills such as:

Strong Subject KnowledgeA teacher who has a passion and understanding of the subject can inspire students to pursue the subject themselves. BYJU’S call this “making kids fall in love with learning”.  It plays an important in achieving high-quality education

Strong Social and Interpersonal SkillsTo be successful in any of the 21st-century workplaces, it is mandatory to possess good ”soft skills” that cannot be replicated by machines. Teachers undergoing this training will be trained to communicate effectively, encourage the social aspects of learning, and learn to work as a team.

Data and Technical SkillsTeachers should be able to use technology to spot the abilities and learning gaps in every student. BYJU’S has immense expertise in this arena.  They can guide teachers in personalizing education by using data inputs for better learning outcomes.  This ensures every student achieves his/her full potential.

Facilitation & Moderation Skills Once the teachers are fully conversant with technology, they can transform from being just knowledge bearers to facilitators of education. Mundane and repetitive tasks such as grading a quiz, tracking attendance, conducting tests, etc. can be automated, and teachers can concentrate on solving real-world problems.

Teacher Training

How will this benefit the students?

As the world around us is changing rapidly, the students are more likely to be part of industries that we cannot imagine yet. For the students to be equipped for this new era and productively contribute their bit to society, they must be equipped with skills that are relevant to the 21st century. The teachers for this new generation of students should not only be tech-savvy geeks but also curriculum experts, troubleshooters, collaborators, planners, innovators, and much more.

Collaboration between the NSDC and BYJU’S is a need of the hour, and we hope that it helps both teachers and the students to succeed in a digital economy.

What are your views about this mission? Let us know in the comment section below.

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