BYJU’S vs Toppr

BYJU’S vs Toppr, Which is the better app of the two?

BYJU’S vs Toppr, which software to choose and when? BYJU’S and Toppr are unique in their own way.

Which is the best e-learning solution for my child?  Is it BYJU’s, toppr, Vedantu or Unacademy?

These are the questions that most parents have.  What are the benefits, features, and courses offered? Will EdTech products (digital learning) really help my child? To try and answer these questions, we will compare two of India’s top‑ranked learning apps  BYJU’s and toppr.

BYJU’S vs Toppr- What do they offer?

BYJU’S vs Toppr- What do they offer_

BYJU’S vs Toppr, which software to choose and when?

Pre-Primary/Kindergarten to Primary (KG to 3rd)
If your child is studying in the lower grades (KG to 3rd), BYJU’S is the platform to choose. Disney BYJU’S early learn app is a super-cool, and fun way for young children to learn. Toppr currently has no programs available for kids that young.

Primary to Senior Secondary (Grades 4 to 12th)
Toppr’s does offer learning programs from grades 5 onwards and the content is quite good. However, BYJU’S The Learning App has a better inventory of content, more-engaging videos and thus is a better choice between the two.

Online Tuitions
In case you are looking for online tuitions, both BYJU’S and Toppr have their own versions of online classes; BYJU’S Classes and Toppr Live have similar features such as scheduled classes, live chat with mentors, unlimited practice and revision, individual attention, exam preparation and extra classes. But BYJU’S gains an edge in this segment as it also provides complete access to the BYJU’S The Learning App. Your child can learn from top tutors online and revise from the video lessons, games, and quizzes offered by BYJU’S.

Competitive Exams
Both BYJU’S and Toppr offer comprehensive courses for competitive exam preparation such as JEE, NEET, COMED-K, CET (all states), NDA, etc. BYJU’S offers a holistic mix of learning content for aspirants aiming to clear competitive exams. BYJU’S also offers the best books, current affairs, all India-test series, personal mentoring, and other broad range of learning resources in addition to their e-learning content.

Devices Supported

BYJU’S and Toppr are supported on multiple devices like tablets, mobile phones, and PCs. BYJU’S has an advantage here by providing an option of pre-loaded content on their tablets. In other words, BYJU’S programs can be accessed without the internet making them truly accessible from anywhere and anytime. For parents who are worried about tech being a distraction, BYJU’S has installed filtering software on their tablets. It prevents kids from using the tablet for non‑academic purposes.

As bonus to learners, BYJU’S also offers tons of free learning resources.

BYJU’S and Toppr are unique in their own way. However, I feel BYJU’S would be a better choice due to the number of diverse courses they offer and the quality of their learning resources. Let us know if you would like us to compare any other EdTech products.  We will take it up in our next article.

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