How to sell my used car

How to sell my used car for more

Are you thinking of parting with your old car? Do you want to know how to sell it in a hassle‑free manner at “the best price”?

Are you thinking of parting with your old car? Do you want to know how to sell it in a hassle‑free manner at “the best price”?

Read on to know-how, and download a free copy of our Secondhand Car Seller’s Checklist.

“A car is not just four wheels and an engine. A car is like a home.”

5 Simple Tips to Sell Your Car For More

5 Simple Tips to Sell Your Car

Arrange the necessary documents

Ready all the necessary documents before you approach buyers. A car with all the necessary documents fetches a better price and sells quickly.

  • Individual documents: PAN Card, Address Proof, Passport-Size Photograph.
  • RTO documents: Form 28, Form 29, Form 30, Sale Affidavit, Clearance Certificate. RTO clearance if the vehicle has been modified or retrofitted.
  • Bank documents (if the vehicle is financed): Form 35 and NOC from the loan agency/bank.
  • Car documents: RC, PUC/Emission certificate, and Insurance. Also, having maintenance records like service books and receipts can increase the value of your car.
  • Miscellaneous certificate: Invoice of the car (if there is a mismatch in RC details), and insurance transfer application (if insurance is to be transferred to the buyer).

Prepare your car

Presentation is the key!! A clean car fetches more money. Ensure you clean the car inside out. You can get it washed and detailed by professionals or do it yourself. Given below is a short checklist of the areas to pay attention to while preparing your car.

  • Interior detailing: Carpet, upholstery, dashboard, trims, console, leather, windows, glass, and trunk.
  • Exterior detailing: Painted surfaces, wheels, tyres, trim, molding, etc.
  • It is also essential to get rid of bad smells and foul odor; especially if you have been smoking and eating inside your car. If you had a pet traveling in the car, use a powerful vacuum to get rid of the hair.

Take care of minor repairs and maintenance

Ensure the car is mechanically and electrically sound before putting it up for sale. Some of the obvious things you need to pay attention to are oil, fluids, air-filter, spark plugs, belts, gasket, lights, wipers, seatbelts and so on (for a detailed list, download our free checklist). If there are any major repairs, you should either fix it or disclose it to the buyer.

Establish an asking price

Do your homework, research the market. and figure out what price similar cars are selling for. Price to sell. Be sure to keep in mind the location, make, model, mileage, and condition. If you are unsure how to do it, check free resources online like orange book value or Cars24 online evaluation to calculate the fair market value of the car. Just leave a little room for bargaining, set your asking price 5% to 10% higher, and negotiate in small steps.

Know how to sell

Once you have prepared the car and established the asking price, you are ready to approach prospective buyers. You can do this by yourself or take help from professionals.

If you want to sell the car on your own, you need to advertise effectively. Advertising by word‑of‑mouth through your family and friends is one option. You could also post an online ad but make it look and sound great.

Draft a compelling description. Include basic attributes like

  • Make/Model/Variant
  • Interior/exterior color of the car
  • Year of manufacture/registration
  • Place of registration
  • Number of owners
  • Insurance type
  • Service history (if available)
  • Kilometers covered
  • Accessories included/fitted
  • Price Negotiable – Yes/No

Next, write a short yet detailed description. Include applicable keywords like single owner, excellent condition, under warranty, new parts installed, maintained well, etc.

If you are selling the car for a particular reason (like relocating for work, downsizing, switching to a family car, etc.), mention it in your ad.

Click the Right Photos.

Drive your car to a quiet place with a decent backdrop like open field, trees, clear roads or even a tall building, and take clear pictures of the car. Make sure to get multiple angles of both the exteriors and interiors of the car. Post as many pictures as you can.

Shortlist the buyers carefully and choose a neutral location for the test drive. Do not let the buyer test drive the car alone. If the proposed offer does not meet your expectation or if you think the vehicle is worth more, you have the right to negotiate. If the buyer says yes to the deal, but requires some time to arrange the finance, it is wise to ask for a reasonable deposit/advance. After the sale is complete, make sure the ownership is transferred, and all legal formalities are completed.

For professional assistance in selling your car, you can take it to a local second-hand car dealer who can introduce you to a lot of potential buyers or pay you on-the-spot and assist you with the documentation. Take the car to more than one dealership and ask for an estimation. Make a deal with the dealer who pays you more and is genuine, ask for references and cross-verify  with them.

However, keep in mind, dealing with your neighborhood dealer is a hit or a miss.  The dealer is in control of the entire process.  There is definitely some risk involved.  The monetary transaction and documentation could be cumbersome.

If you wish to sell your car in a hassle-free way and at the best possible price, try tech-enabled used car dealerships like The process of selling is transparent and organized.

You can sell your used car in 3 easy steps.

Login to and enter the details of your car. The online car valuation tool carefully analyses the details and gives you an online quote.

Book an appointment at your convenient time and visit the closest Cars24 showroom for a free and thorough scientific inspection of your car. The expert considers all the attributes of your car and gives you the best possible price.

If you are okay with the offer and agree to sell, the money is instantly transferred to your bank account via IMPS.

Wait there’s more!! Cars24 takes care of the entire documentation process so that you don’t have to waste time on follow-ups. Visit to book an appointment.

Here is what we have covered so far.

  • While selling your used car you need to know its fair value.
  • Spend a little time making it look at its best.
  • Stick to your price, leave room for some negotiation.
  • Know where to sell.

Hope these tips help you in getting the best price for your car. Good Luck!!

Download our free Secondhand Car Seller’s Checklist… Share your suggestions and experience in the comment section below.

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