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The Easiest Way to Sell Your Used Car in India

Deciding to part with your trusty old car can be a really tough decision to take.

“Duniya Boli Lagayegi” – The world will bid, is a creative ad campaign launched by CARS24, the tech-enabled used car selling platform.

The ad highlights the network and the unique bidding system of CARS24, which can showcase a “for-sale” used car to thousands of verified buyers from across India and fetch a good resale price.

The Best Ways To Sell Your Car in India (In Terms of Ease, Value, And Convenience)

The plot of the ad– A car owner and his mamaji (maternal uncle) drive up to the market with hopes of selling the car. Mamaji appears to be a typical middleman with his own network and influence in the local market. He announces that whosoever is interested in buying the car should form a queue, and immediately a handful of people form a line.

Before mamaji could claim his victory and his cup of tea, a CARS24 executive appears out of nowhere with a megaphone and announces the same thing about the car. Much to the surprise of mamaji, people line up from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to buy the car. Not only does the number of interested buyers increase, but the executive also assures to take care of all the interactions and the paperwork. Poor mamaji spills his tea and his credibility on the same day?. The ad continues, potential buyers from all over the country bid on the car and finally fetches a good deal for the used car.

The ad clearly conveys that CARS24 has a bigger voice when it comes to selling a used car, but is this a fact or fiction? Let us find out.

Sell Your Used Car

The traditional method of selling your used car by yourself involves seemingly never-ending interactions with prospective buyers, weary negotiations, long waiting times, and complicated documentation. The scenario doesn’t change much when coming to online listing sites as well. CARS24 breaks down this cumbersome process into 3 simple steps.

Download the CARS24 app or login to CARS24 and enter the basic details of your car. CARS24 provides an instant price for your car based on the details you have entered.

Book an appointment and drive your car to the nearest CARS24 branch for a free and scientific inspection by an expert and get a final offer.

If you are satisfied with the final offer and agree to sell your car, the money is instantly transferred to your bank account. The RC transfer and other paperwork is handled by CARS24.

So, this explains how CARS24 makes it convenient to sell a used car, but what about people lining up from Kashmir to Kanyakumari? Was that a fiction? Not really…

After completion of Step 2, the report of your car is uploaded on the CARS24 portal where thousands of genuine buyers bid on it from all over India. The ad is just representing what happens virtually. CARS24 has more than 164 branches across more than 134 major cities in India, meaning that CARS24 has a huge network of buyers across all these branches. They take care of everything from evaluation to final documentation.

It is indeed a simple and hassle-free way to sell a car. What do you think?

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