BYJU’S Help Students in Need

How BYJU’S Help Students in Need?

BYJU’S Give Initiative was launched in November 2020 as a part of a bigger initiative called BYJU’S – Education for All.

The pandemic brought a lot of changes in our day-to-day life, and people found alternative paths to cope up with the new world of uncertainty. Education was the most affected arena in this regard. Although learning did switch to an online mode, there are many less fortunate children who are left in the cold.

Statistics suggest that only 600 million people out of 1.2 billion people in India are connected to the internet. It indicates a huge gap in the digital connect, especially for students from rural/remote areas and from underserved communities.

When you educate one person you can change a life, when you educate many you can change the world

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The EdTech giant BYJU’S has launched a noble initiative called the BYJU’S Give Initiative to help needy children access online learning.


BYJU’S Give Initiative was launched in November 2020 as a part of a bigger initiative called BYJU’S – Education for All. Under this mission, BYJU’S is planning to empower 5 million underprivileged students, by the year 2025.

Byjus Keep Learning Initiative

Here is how you can contribute to the initiative.

Small Actions x Many People = Big Change”

To be a part of the BYJU’S Give Initiative requires only a little time and effort. Here is how you can contribute. If you have an old phone or a tablet that is unused, you can donate it to the BYJU’S Give Initiative. Not only does this put your old gadget to good use, but it also helps a student secure his/her future.

BYJU’S will refurbish the gadgets donated by you, load them with the BYJU’S learning content, and distribute them to the needy students, completely free of cost.

To donate, sign up on the BYJU’S website and fill in some basic details about yourself and the gadget you wish to donate. The rest will be handled by BYJU’S and their partners.

Please take care not to donate defective devices that are beyond repair. Erase all your personal data and information from the gadget before donation.

JOIN HANDS WITH BYJU’S, BE THE GIVER. Because you can add wings to a child’s dream!!

The Initiative is already making a difference. To know how, read this story

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